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.AC domain name - Saint Helena

The .AC domain extension is the country code domain for Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. It has no registration restrictions. Although the .AC domain extension is a country code, it has been eagerly adopted by the academic community using the .AC to represent academia. Students and teachers alike can register a .AC domain name for their personal website and email address. It's short, memorable, and descriptive. 

It's also proved popular for creating domain hacks. Domain names that use the extension to form the end of a word or phrase.

Registrants from other countries are also jumping all over this domain extension. For instance, domain names have been registered by people in Germany representing the city of Aachen. 

Popular as the .AC domain extension is, there are still many opportunities for you to register your perfect .AC domain name.

These remote islands are between Africa and South America in the South Atlantic Ocean. They form a single territory under the sovereignty of the British Crown, that'll be Her Maj. A favourite destination for explorers such as Captain Cook and Charles Darwin, St. Helena was also where Napoleon Bonaparte I of France was exiled until his death in 1821. 

Ascension Island is inhabited by the British and American military. It's also home to one of five ground antennas assisting in the operation of the Global Positioning System (GPS). NASA and the US Air Force operate a Meter-Class Autonomous Telescope (MCAT). This is part of the deep space surveillance system used to track orbital debris. 

The Tristan da Cunha island group is made up of Tristan, Nightingale, Gough Islands, and Inaccessible. Both Gough and Inaccessible are world heritage sites. Tristan da Cunha’s economy is based on a successful rock lobster industry and the sale of postage stamps and coins to collectors. Takes all sorts!

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