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The domain name for creatives everywhere.

Until recently, the millions of artists and tens of thousands of art galleries around the world had to use fairly generic domain extensions for their web addresses. No longer. The multi-billion dollar fine art industry now has an unmistakable name all its own – dot art.

This is welcome news for all the artists, art students, supply stores, digital galleries and others looking for creative, original web addresses. And unlike the classic domains, which have been around for 30 years, .art is new, so there are still many great web addresses available.

Custom web addresses for everyone.

.art opens a whole new world of naming options to a group known for its creativity:

Painters, potters, photographers, illustrators, animators, sculptors and other fine artists Commercial artists Art historians, advocacy groups & journals Art critics & reviewers Auction houses, art buyers & guides Digital and physical art galleries & boutiques Art collectives, studios & schools Art festivals & juried shows Art therapists Auto artists Tattoo artists Art suppliers & wholesalers

Whether you toil in a garret over your own work or sell the work of others, an .art domain is the obvious choice for your web address.

Short, descriptive, easy to remember.

There are many good reasons to register an .art domain name:

It’s as short as .com so it’s easy for customers to remember and type It’s more descriptive than other domain names, giving anyone who searches the web an instant understanding of what you do Because “art” is also a popular search term, an .art domain name could move your site up in Google’s results

Already have a domain name you’re using for your website?

Buy the .art version of it and direct it to your website to open another channel of traffic. More ways in to your website mean more visitors (and sales) overall. Or use your .art to direct visitors to your blog or a particular page on your website.

Register New art Domain

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Transfer Existing art Domain

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Transfer of .art domain is no longer supported by NityGity

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