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.CAM domain name - Generic

.CAM is a new domain extension and can relate to webcams, camera phones, and digital cameras. We've all got cameras now and they're with us 24/7, yes there're people who sleep with their phones. We're capturing everything we see - rainbows, concerts, freaky fashions, car crashes, famous people, our families, monuments, make-up fails, churches, beaches, our lunch... We crop, tweak, colourise, distort, and add filters - then share on line. If you register a .CAM domain name you can build a portfolio of all your snaps - how cool is that?!

Webcams - what is that all about? Suddenly, sitting in your bedroom, you can watch a busy street in another country  and see people shopping, drinking, living their lives. Freaky! Voyeurism or just showing a healthy interest in other people. Of course it's not all about spying on people. Webcams are great for keeping in touch with your family and friends. Whether you're on holiday, you've moved abroad, or your living in an isolation tank. For conference calls in the office, a webcam means you meet face to face with colleagues and customers. In a court of law, a webcam means that a vulnerable defendant doesn't have to face the accused. Hey, you can even have a live feed whilst giving birth, and share. Not really sure why one would want to, but hey ho!

The .CAM domain extension will become an online space for users to find or share anything related to cameras and webcams. It's the perfect domain extension for sharing in a live environment such as reality TV, chat rooms, porn sites, and company conferences. 

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