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The new online home for all things awesome.

Yes, the web is a modern miracle; able to educate, inform and enlighten in ways our parents could never have imagined. But let’s be serious. Animated gifs. Memes. Online games. Cat videos! So, so many cat videos…

The things we truly love about the web are the things that make us smile – the things we can’t wait to share with our friends. And now, there’s a simple three-letter domain that gets people all giddy just looking at it. That’s right. It’s time for .fun

A shortcut to the best stuff.

When you search “fun” on Google, you get just shy of 3 billion hits. Seriously? Ain’t nobody got time for that! If you want your entertainment site to stand out, you need a domain that tells visitors what your site is all about. Register .fun and you’ve got yourself a web address that tells visitors they’re in for great time before they even get there.

The great thing about dot fun – and just fun in general – is that it’s unique to everyone. What you think is fun, someone else might find boring. They’d be wrong, of course, but whatever. They can go try to have fun on some other domain.

The point is that a .fun domain isn’t just for videos or images or games or those personality quizzes that tell you what font you are (seriously, this is a real quiz). It’s for ALL of those things. Why? Because they’re all fun! The world can change, the web can expand, but fun will always be fun – and .fun will always be the place to find it online.

Three cheers for fun!

So who’s ready to have some fun? You are, of course. And so are millions of people who are relying on the Internet to brighten their day. Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect domain waiting for you. Register .fun today and create a place where everyone can go at the end of a long, hard day and unwind with their favorite game, video, gif or whatever people will be raving about this time next year.

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