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.GAME domain name - Generic

.GAME is a new domain extension, you can register your domain name today! There are hundreds and thousands of games in the world, played on a board, pitch, ice, field, court, computer, smartphone, concrete, blackboard, long journey, or in a casino. When a game is played you use a shuttlecock, dice, cards, balls, darts, thumbs, bats, rackets, pucks, feet, or chalk. The .GAME domain extension can be registered by gamers, sports enthusiasts, chess masters, and gamblers. The .GAME domain covers all sports, all gaming sites, all gambling sites. If you run a team pf players, you can use a .GAME domain name for timetables, scores, recruitment, and training schedules. It's universal, it's fun, it's going to be huge - register your .GAME domain name today so you don't miss your name.

Register New game Domain

New registration of .game domain is no longer supported by NityGity

Transfer Existing game Domain

Oh ohh!
Transfer of .game domain is no longer supported by NityGity

Duration New Registration Renewal Transfer
Year 1 - - -
Year 2 - - -
Year 3 - - -
Year 4 - - -
Year 5 - - -
Year 6 - - -
Year 7 - - -
Year 8 - - -
Year 9 - - -
Year 10 - - -