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Get ready to play.

Everyone loves playing games. Young and old, male and female — games are enjoyed by all types of people, in every corner of the globe. These days, many of us find gaming entertainment online. And now, with the launch of .games domains, there’s an instantly recognizable — and highly searchable — web address to attract players to your gaming website. If you’re involved in this thriving industry, this winning domain tells users that it’s time to play.

Already one of the web’s biggest revenue drivers, online gaming is expanding rapidly, thanks to growing appeal outside its traditional user base. Gone is the stereotype of the young male loner playing video games in his parents’ basement. In the United States, the average age of online gamers is over 30, and nearly half of them are female. Today’s gaming community includes retirees and whole families that play together. The industry is now bigger than the movie business — and there’s still plenty of room for growth.

A win-win domain.

When you look at the variety of gaming sites on the web, the exploding market growth comes as no surprise. From the classic to the cutting-edge, there is gaming entertainment for every type of player online. Whether your site hosts timeless board and card games or state-of-the-art multiplayer video games, dot games is an excellent domain choice that tells users exactly what you’re all about.

Not only is the variety wider than ever, online games are more and more accessible to every type of user. Many online games are free to play, so it’s easy for players to try several rather than sticking to one or two. And now they’re available on all sorts of devices. That means that more games are being played on smartphones and tablets, where we spend most of our online leisure time.

Let the .games begin.

But the appeal of .games goes well beyond online gaming websites and the blogs and forums that cater to the gaming community. Lots of other businesses and organizations will find this extension useful for building awareness online. From games retailers and brand owners of gaming products to sports groups and equipment manufacturers, dot games provides a secure, trustworthy domain name that’s a clear winner in the eyes of consumers.

So stake your claim on this first-place domain. Register .games today.

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