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.LOL domain name - Generic

.LOL is a new domain extension. Are you laughing... out loud? We've learnt a new language, it's short-hand for the digital age: ROFL, WTF, STFU, BTW, PMSL, FFS, BRB, and LOL. Okay, there're still a few out there that think that LOL stands for lots of love - bless! We all use them in text messages, email, or blog posts. LOL is even a popular search term used when looking for comedy online so the traffic to your website will increase and your page ranking will be higher in search engines.

If you have a website or blog that sets out to make people laugh and bring tears to their eyes, a .LOL domain name is the obvious choice. It's already proving popular with clowns and jokers, so register your .LOL domain name today. Forever tears of joy, not sorrow!

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New registration of .lol domain is no longer supported by NityGity

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Oh ohh!
Transfer of .lol domain is no longer supported by NityGity

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Year 9 - - -
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