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This .mom doesn’t do dishes.

Everyone knows moms are a force that can’t be denied. Now mothers everywhere have a place online to share their wisdom and grace with the world. A .mom domain makes a beautiful web address for mommy blogs, parenting message boards and the many businesses that cater to mothers the world over.

Mommy blogs are serious business. What started as a way to connect with other moms, has turned into a big deal. MomBloggersClub.com calls itself the largest mom blogger network in the world and has 22,000 members. There are an estimated 3,900,000 mommy blogs in North America alone – a handful of them generate six-figure incomes through ads and sponsorships. .mom offers on-the-money web addresses to the bloggers themselves, as well as all the training and workshop providers that serve the mommy blogging community. There’s a mommy message board for every possible maternal sub-group – from work-at-home moms to Mormon mothers to FTMs (First Time Moms). Fans say mommy message boards are great for getting answers to questions you would only trust to other parents -- plus tips, toy recommendations and clues about whether your child is ahead/behind/right on the developmental curve. No matter what kind of message board you’re considering, .mom would be a perfect web address for you.

A domain name for some of the hardest workers on earth.

Roughly half of mothers in developed nations work outside the home, with Nordic countries famous for providing the best childcare and paid family leave. In China, 320 million mothers work, including 72% of Chinese women 25–34 with children under six years. In the U.S., mothers are now the primary income earner in 40% of families with children. Of course, not all of these women work for someone else. Those who stay at home with their children – by choice or out of necessity – have found creative ways to make money. “Mompreneurs” start a wide variety of businesses – ranging from tax preparation to monographed tea towels – from their kitchen counters and spare bedrooms. Why do they do it? Because running a business from home gives them the flexibility to earn an income and raise children at the same time. Other mothers start their small business out of need – a child has a medical condition, for example, and it requires special products or services not currently available. By filling the gap, the mother not only gains a flexible job but feels good doing it. Whether you supply pastries to local coffee shops or rate childcare providers in your state, register .mom for your web address to show site visitors who’s in charge. It’s also a great choice for developers who make and market apps especially for moms.

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