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Claim your online property.

The web and realty have a lot in common. Domains are web addresses – and getting a unique, memorable domain name can be just as valuable as getting a prime location for your business. That's because the right web address makes it easier for people to find you.

That's where a .realty domain comes in. Not only does it tell potential clients your industry before they even reach your website, it also shows them that you know the value of a prime address, whether it’s online or off.

A website is your secret weapon.

As any seasoned real estate professional will tell you, a website is key to success. Buyers and renters look online long before picking up the phone – and they return often to check for new listings. With a .realty domain name, your website becomes an easy-to-find hub for anyone who's in the market.

.realty is ideal for property owners, realtors, brokers, real estate lawyers and others looking to connect with buyers on the web. Whether you specialize in commercial, residential, industrial or any other type of property, sell it all from dot realty.

Don't settle on your address.

If you're relatively new to the industry, you may have discovered that finding your first choice for a domain name is like finding a spacious, affordable apartment in Manhattan. But .realty is essentially a brand new neighborhood online, which means thousands of premium addresses are ready and waiting for the first savvy buyer.

When you're looking for names, don't forget this domain hack: If the name of your business has the word "realty" at the end, just register the first part of your business name and let your .realty domain finish it. And a bonus tip: If you focus on a specific city, county or area, try including that as part of your domain name.

The bottom line is this: When people are counting on you to help them find their new address, they may very well consider your address. Choose a name that's informative, memorable and ahead of the curve. Build your business on your own .realty domain.

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