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Sell everything from books to clothing to electronics.

A .shopping domain name is a great choice for retailers of all sorts – from household appliances to jewelry, sports gear to books. If you've been thinking of how much more you could sell if you had your own online store, what are you waiting for? Online shopping is increasing around the world.

A couple of tips from the pros:

Sell through multiple channels – your own website as well as Amazon® and Pinterest® for example. Loyalty programs that reward frequent shoppers with coupons or credits based on how often they shop are big and getting bigger. Mobile shopping is a requirement, so make sure your website plays nicely on smaller screens.

Interest in buying online is everywhere, but it's especially high in Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Got groceries? Sell them online.

It's true. People are shopping for more than just clothes and shoes on the web. Online grocery stores are popping up all over. Since the first virtual grocery store appeared in 2011, the world's patience with standing in line has grown thin. A recent survey of 30,000 online respondents in 60 countries found:

One-quarter of survey takers are now buying groceries on the web and having them delivered to their homes Fourteen percent report using a subscription service, which automatically sends grocery at regular intervals

There's never been a better time to open your own online grocery service. Whether you offer home delivery or drive through pickup, a .shopping domain name will tell busy shoppers you can help get dinner on the table. The trend is most promising for small businesses that focus on stock-up and specialty items, because they can offer items you won't find at traditional grocery stores. So register .shopping and start selling your products on the web.

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