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Make your web address work for you.

Today’s transportation landscape is littered with drivers eager to pick up fares and take them wherever they want to go. Extend your taxi company’s reach by registering .taxi for your website. Then optimize your siteOptimization is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) term that refers to the process of adding keywords and tags to your website so it’s listed by Google and others among the top results for anyone looking for a taxi in your geographic area. It’s well worth the effort. to make sure it appears near the top of your city’s local search results.

Great for mechanics and app creators, too.

.taxi domains aren’t just for traditional cab companies. Private school, special needs and ambulatory transportation services can use .taxi to attract customers, as can any firm that serves the ride-for-hire industry. Just add your specialty before the dot.

Register New taxi Domain

New registration of .taxi domain is no longer supported by NityGity

Transfer Existing taxi Domain

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Transfer of .taxi domain is no longer supported by NityGity

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